What are the characteristics of double knit jacquard fabric?

Compared with other types of jacquard fabrics,double knit jacquard fabrics are characterized by a lot of features, mainly in the following aspects:
1. For double-sided use. Because it has jacquard on both sides, it can be used both positively and negatively.
2. Beautiful patterns. The pattern on the double-sided jacquard fabric is very realistic, whether it is a bird or a flower, it is lifelike.
3. Not easy to deform. Since the double-sided jacquard fabric is made of high-strength raw materials, its quality is reliable, and even if it is pulled hard, it will not be deformed.
4. Not easy to fade. Although there are many patterns on the double-sided jacquard cloth, it will not fade after a long period of soaking.
5. Affordable. Its low production cost and low price can meet the needs of consumers.
6. Durable. Double-sided jacquard fabric is a high-quality fabric with wear resistance, corrosion resistance and pull resistance. Therefore, when it is used, there is almost no problem, and the service life can be as high as three years.
7. Comfortable. Since the double-sided jacquard fabric is made of cotton fabric, it has a smooth texture and gives a very comfortable feeling.
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How to choose a camping functional mattress

A good night’s sleep starts from your bed. Whether it’s a comfortable mattress in the bedroom or a sleeping bag in the woods, comfort is the key. Just like the outdoor gear you made before making a decision, you need to know what you are looking for, and from the point of view of functionality, consider what kind of function mattress fabric you want.

First, there are three main types of sleeping mattresses, and you need to decide which one is best for you. Some people engage in a variety of outdoor activities and different types of travel, and may have more than one camping mattress. If you are just starting to collect outdoor gear, then an all-round mattress is a good start.

Camping mattresses can be divided into three main categories: air mattresses, automatic air mattresses and closed cell foam mattresses. Each mattress has its intended use and environment, so it is important to note these specifications.

Closed foam camping mattress

Do you remember those light blue foam pads that can be easily rolled up and traveled when you build your bed? These blue mattresses are known as a closed foam mattress. These are the most basic backpack mattresses, they are very lightweight and are usually a cheaper choice. The mattress is made of dense foam and is filled with tiny closed bubbles, hence the name.

Enclosed foam mattresses are usually very light, although they do not always provide maximum comfort because they are not substantially thick. If you camp on a more or less flat terrain and don’t need a thick mattress, the closed foam mattress will work.

Air camping mattress

Air mattresses are usually slightly more expensive due to their materials and the technology used. They are usually very lightweight and can be easily packaged into small, convenient sizes for backpacks.

Air mattresses are often designed for use in three seasons, although some will include a layer of insulation or a reflective layer to increase your warmth. You will find that more winter camping options are air cushions, not mattresses close to the foam.

Self-inflating camping mattress

The third type of camping mattress is a self-inflating mattress. These are often the best choices for those looking for something that has strong fabrics and more durability. Self-inflating mattresses are generally cheaper than air mattresses, but are not just closed foam mattresses.

The self-inflating mattress is a combination of air and open cell foam. They are suitable for any type of camping, including car camping. Different sizes offer different widths and thicknesses so you can find the best sleep night for you.

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Weaving mattress fabrics are available in a wide variety of products

Woven mattress fabrics  are often made of low-elastic polyester yarn or special-shaped polyester yarn, nylon yarn, cotton yarn, wool yarn, etc., using flat needle structure, changing flat needle structure, ribbed flat needle tissue, double ribbed flat needle tissue, jacquard tissue, hair Circle organization, etc., woven on various weft knitting machines.

It has many varieties, generally has good elastic elongation, soft fabric, strong anti-wrinkle, strong hair style, and easy to wash ears. However, its hygroscopicity is poor, the fabric is not crisp enough, and it is easy to be detached and curled. The chemical fiber fabric is easy to fluff, pilling and hooking. There are mainly the following varieties:

1. Polyester yarn-dyed knitted fabric: The fabric has bright color, beautiful appearance, matching color tone, tight texture, clear texture, strong hair style, and similar woolen tweed style. Mainly used for men’s and women’s tops, suits, windbreakers, vests, skirts, cotton jacket fabrics, children’s wear, etc.;

2, polyester knitted fabric: This fabric is compact and firm, firm and wearable, crisp and flexible. If the raw material is made of spandex containing spandex, it can be woven into elastic knit denim with better elasticity. Mainly used for trousers for men and women;

3, polyester knit wick fabric: fabric has a distinct bump, thick and full feel, good elasticity and warmth. Mainly used for men’s and women’s tops, suits, windbreakers, children’s wear and other fabrics;

4, polyester cover cotton knitted fabric: the fabric dyed after the shirt, jacket, sportswear fabric. The fabric is crisp and wrinkle-resistant, firm and wear-resistant, and it is moisture-absorbing and breathable on the body, soft and comfortable;

5, artificial fur needle fabric: fabric feel thick, soft, warm. According to different varieties, it is mainly used for coat fabrics, garment linings, collars, hats, etc. Artificial fur is also woven by warp knitting.

6, velvet knitted fabric: fabric feel soft, thick, firm and wearable, fluffy thick towering, soft color. Mainly used as outerwear fabric, collar or hat material. It can also be made by weaving, for example: warp knitted looped fabric;

7.Hong Kong-style knitted woolen cloth: It has the smooth, soft and bulky feel of cashmere fabric, and the silk fabric has the characteristics of soft gloss, good drape, no shrinkage and breathability. Mainly used as spring, autumn and winter fashion fabrics.For more information, please click here: knitted mattress fabric.

Why do people like to use sandwich fabrics so much?

Sandwich fabrics are rich in color, well-matched, sporty, elastic, and relatively perfect for dealing with breathable and windproof, waterproof, warm and other issues have been liked by people, but what is the sandwich fabric?
The sandwich fabric is a fabric composed of a warp knitting machine. The sandwich fabric consists of three faces: upper, middle and lower. The outer surface is generally mesh planning. The central layer is the MOLO yarn that connects the outer surface and the bottom surface. The bottom surface is generally a densely woven flat surface, commonly known as a “sandwich”. There is a dense mesh under the fabric, so that the outer mesh is not too deformed, which enhances the fastness and color of the fabric. The mesh effect makes the fabric more modern and sporty.
It is made of high-molecular fiber and is woven by precision machine. It is durable and belongs to the warp knitted brim.
There are many factors affecting the warmth of the sandwich fabric. The thickness, the looseness and the stop air content are summarized first. Generally, the more air that the fabric includes, the better the warmth is. Therefore, we specially use this type of sandwich air layer in the development of fabrics. Due to its special structure, it contains more air to stop the fabric to make it warm. Excellent insulation and thermal insulation in the case of ensuring breathability.

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Does your mattress fabric meet your needs?

Although what’s central your mattress is abundantly important if it comes to comfort, the bolt that covers it isn’t just there for adorning purposes. Today’s mattresses on the market are made up of knitted mattress fabric.

This alien fabric, accepted as ‘ticking’, needs to be able to angle up to abrasion and breach so that it does not affray or rip in accustomed use. For this reason, manufacturers of college superior mattresses tend to use knitted or alloyed yarns fabricated out of affection or viscose. In the case of top superior but bargain mattresses online, fabrics such as polypropylene or polyester are generally utilised, and these tend to accept their colours and patterns printed on the apparent rather than alloyed into the material.

Although active is generally alluringly blooming and coloured, some accede it one of life’s abundant mysteries that manufacturers absorb so abundant time designing a bolt that is traveling to be, a lot of of the time, absolutely covered up by bedding.

Mattress fabrics are commonly accomplished application the techniques of tufting or quilting. Quilted mattresses accept the alien bolt stitched to the mattress in a adorning manner, while bristling mattresses accept tapes active through them, anchored by tags on anniversary side, which authority the bushing in position.

As time goes on, active is more accepting appropriate properties, with new fabrics now produced that affirmation to accord aegis adjoin dust mites for abhorrence sufferers. Other types of active are advertised as anti-bacterial, damp and stain aggressive or, alternatively, absorptive and breathable. With all of the options available, it should be simple to acquisition a mattress that will clothing your requirements.

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Knowledge about jacquard fabrics

The manufacturing process of knitted jacquard fabric is complicated. The warp and weft yarns are intertwined and uplifted to form different patterns, and the bumps are noticeable, and many beautiful patterns such as flowers, birds, fish, insects, birds and beasts are woven.
Soft, delicate, smooth and unique texture, good gloss, good drape and breathability, high color fastness (yarn dyeing). The pattern of the jacquard fabric is large and exquisite, the color layer has a distinct three-dimensional effect, and the pattern of the small jacquard fabric is relatively simple and relatively simple.
Jacquard mattress fabric: warp and weft yarns are interlaced at least three times, so the satin weave makes the fabric denser, so the fabric is thicker. Satin tissue products cost more than similar plain and twill weave products. Fabrics woven from satin weave are collectively referred to as satin fabrics.

The satin fabric has the front and back sides, the least interlacing point in a complete tissue loop, the longest float line, the fabric surface consists almost entirely of warp threads in the warp or weft direction, and the satin fabric is soft. The satin fabric has the front and back sides, and the fabric is smooth and delicate.

The most common satin fabric is striped satin, referred to as satin. Divided into 40 pieces of 2 m 4 wide satin strips and 60 pieces of 2 m 8 wide satin strips. First weaving and dyeing process, the fabric is generally solid and extends as a horizontal strip. The cotton fabric has a small shrinkage, no ball, and is not easy to fade.

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How to choose a mattress suitable for pregnant women?

With the increasing demand of consumers, function mattress fabric are becoming more and more widely used.It needs to meet different people. Today, let’s talk about how to choose a mattress fabric suitable for pregnant women?

  1. Consider the weight of the pregnant woman
    The weight of the pregnant woman determines what kind of mattress to buy. Generally, the heavier the person is, the harder the mattress is. This will provide a solid support for the body, reducing the pressure on the shoulders and hips. Typically, the soft and hard boundaries are 60 kg and 80 kg. Optional soft and medium-hard mattresses weighing less than 60 kg; medium-hard mattresses weighing between 60 kg and 80 kg; and hard mattresses weighing over 80 kg. Because no matter which weight, as long as the mattress is not suitable for soft and hard, it will cause damage to the spine.
    2. Carefully choose the mattress material
    (1) If the skin of pregnant women is prone to allergies or is prone to static electricity, then it is best to choose a complete coconut palm mattress, using high pressure compression technology to eliminate formaldehyde volatilization caused by glue adhesion. This zero formaldehyde high pressure compression technology is not only beneficial. The health of a pregnant woman is longer than that of a mattress that sticks to ordinary glue. Since the full coconut shell mattress is only compressed by natural coconut fiber, it has no spring structure and is relatively hard.
    (2) The pregnant woman is weak, and a 3cm thick latex mattress can be placed on the hard bed. This latex mattress has antibacterial and anti-caries properties, providing the most basic protection for pregnant women. The latex pad is thin and does not affect the turning of the pregnant woman, while ensuring the comfort of the mattress.

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How to judge whether it is a good baby mattress?

With so many baby mattress fabric on the market, it can be hard to keep them straight and understand the benefits and differences of each one. We are here to explain the main differences between an organic crib mattress and its conventional counterparts.

Crib Mattress Support

Firstly, you should understand the different types of support designs in crib mattresses. Any crib mattress you use should have a firm, flat surface as recommended by the Consumer Product Safety Commission for baby’s safety.

To test the firmness of a crib mattress, press your hand firmly into the center of the mattress and along the edges. There should be plenty of resistance and no deep impressions. Your baby’s mattress should not sag or flop anywhere. Naturepedic organic crib mattresses feature reinforced edge support that stands up to your growing toddler as they begin exploring and bouncing on their mattress or standing at the edge of their bed.

Crib Mattress Filling

A crib mattress has more than just a supportive core; it also has cushion material and filling. The biggest difference between a conventional and an organic crib mattress is the fiber used to provide comfort and cushion.

1. Conventional Fibers 2. “Natural” Fibers 3. Organic Fibers

Crib Mattress Waterproofing

A waterproof crib mattress is a huge benefit for you and for your baby. The waterproof surface means that baby’s messes and spills won’t soak through and penetrate your mattress, which means less risk of contamination from mold or mildew. A waterproof mattress is also easier to clean – just wipe with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

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Which one is your favorite pillowcase style?

Matching the pillowcase with the home style can enhance happiness and a sense of quality.

Let us follow the pillowcase sample of Rongli to learn some common collocation styles.

1.The English pastoral style gives a feeling of elegant atmosphere, especially the romantic atmosphere created by the floral pillowcase. Creating a British-style living room and making a pillowcase with floral fabrics will make the living room full of the beautiful style of the English countryside.

2.Pop art style, with extremely saturated color, so the pillowcase can be used such as bright yellow, orange red, peacock blue.

3.Moroccan style, you can use the classic Persian spiral pillowcase to create an atmosphere of exotic atmosphere.

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What are the size specifications of the pillowcase sample ?

The pillowcase sample is used as an exterior decoration for the pillow, and it is more of a function to protect the pillow from being broken, soiled, and extended. So what are the size specifications of the pillowcase? Below we will go to specific understanding.
The general pillowcases are rectangular, that is, rectangular. The pillowcase of this shape has two different sizes, one is the cell size and the other is the outer size. The outer dimension refers to the outermost dimension of the entire pillowcase to the outermost dimension of the opposite pillow. Since the outer dimension of the pillow is equal to the size of the cell of the pillowcase, the cell size and outer dimensions of the pillowcase described herein include the dimensions of the pillow.
The standard size of the pillowcase is: the cavity is 40 cm * 65 cm, and the outer side is 50 * 75 cm. This size of the pillowcase has a certain origin, it is said that the ratio of the length to the width is the golden ratio, which looks the most beautiful. In addition, the size of the pillowcase is also related to the size of the quilt, while the standard size of the quilt is 150 cm * 200 cm, and the standard double bed is also 150 cm * 200 cm.
A standard bed quilt is used as a tweezers for a standard bed of the right size. Then, two pillows are placed on the bed, and the right side of the left pillow is tangentially connected to the left side of the right pillow so that the size of the left side of the left pillow to the right of the right pillow is exactly equal to the bed width. The size of the lace around the pillowcase is generally 5 cm, which is the right size for easy grasping.
Pillows are not only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable, and the pillowcases must have the appropriate size.

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